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Children's Smart Waterproof Anti-lost Kid Wristwatch SOS Function Android & IOS

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1. Functions: clear call / precise positioning / long battery life / ultra-thin body / cool wear

2. .5" ultra-thin process design.

3. Two-way clear and stable call

        * The sound is loud and can be heard in noisy environments.

         * Unique antenna design, multiple calibrations to ensure a stable call

4. Voice chat, making communication more convenient

         * Simpler operation and clearer voice

          * Easy group chat, support group chat with multiple mobile phones

5. Precise positioning, real-time viewing

          * Accurately record every location of the child, fully meet the positioning needs of life and emergency situations

6. Electronic fence, always guard the safety of children

          * Set the child's activity range, when the child leaves the set area, the parent's mobile phone will receive an alarm prompt.

           * Preventing loss, preventing access to dangerous areas, preventing getting lost

7. High-performance battery, longer standby time

            * With a high-polymerized custom battery, it features charging faster, higher performance, longer time, eliminating the trouble of charging every day.

8. Fun game: Let the children receive enjoyment from the game.


Chip: PDA8955

Battery capacity: 400mAh

Charging time: 2H

Display resolution: 128 x 128

Display size: 1.44

Color: Princess Powder, Knight Blue

Radiation: lower than mobile phones, international standards, no impact on the human body

Applicable age: 3-12 years old

Positioning method: precise positioning + base station positioning


Cleverly designed so that children have more fun and parents can monitor their children without notice.

SOS Call, Remote monitoring

Voice micro chat

Eye protection color screen

LBS base station positioning, Beidou positioning (no GPS positioning)

Package Included:

1*Smart Watch

1*USB Cable

1*User Manual

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